The Big Chune

by Out of Bounds

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    releases March 23, 2017

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releases March 23, 2017

Out of Bounds is:
Kaliko, Vance, Tyler, Erik, and Josh

Guitars and Vocals recorded by: Josh Ching at Gyoza Bomb
Drums Recorded by: Joey Green at The Geneva Room
Album Art by: Micah McDermott
"Gout City" written by: Ill Stance
All other songs written by: Out of Bounds



all rights reserved


Out of Bounds Honolulu, Hawaii

Just some Hawaii boys tryna have a good time. One way ticket to Flavor Town.

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Track Name: Knowledge
you know it ALL.
yeah you want it all
But you still cant survive
you Tend TO fall

you just Believe
In what they telling you
then you go buy the things
That they selling you

Dont cry its a simple mistake
and most of the time I Can relate
Just please stop thinking the same
Open your mind
Release your brain

Asking these question
Ever ry day
It isn't healthy
Living this way

So fast they come
And then they go
On to the next one
What do they know

Asking these questions
Without a sound
Where did they go
They out of bounds
Track Name: Gout City
As a kid I found it hard to express myself
Like Cleary, I watched my father figurines fell off the shelf
I ain't been right since my pops left my mother
Never had had it all, but we still had each other.

Every morning is a struggle just to get up
I'd rather rest in peace, than try and keep my head up
But honestly, I never did believe in positivity.

Maybe it's time I start to live
Maybe it's time I start taking and give
back the pieces of the puzzle I took as a kid
I try to reconcile but I can't ever win

But honestly, I never did believe in positivity
Track Name: Leather
Hair piece on the screen
Preaching the way it's post a be
Just What the fuck
does he fuckin mean
Preaching this hate
never caught on with me
It's all a loop and never ends
money and power shaking hands

Its harder and harder
to do the right thing
But it's too fucking late .
Your ships about to sink
Bizzinuss man
But this ain't the biz
You tell it like you see it
But I tell it like it iz

I never wanted to die
But all the lies that you said
You make the people believe
That were already dead

Can't believe that you lied to me

Things will never be great again
Track Name: Big Mouth
Don't need to think about it
Don't need to talk about it
We don't care what done is done
If you ask me about it
Will I agree? I doubt it
You said too much. Just bite your tongue

Don't wanna mess with with you
Got no respect for you
These fuckin rats go run and hide
Go back in to the hole that you came from
Pushing and pulling from side to side

The realness
It's too much
You can't run away
You face it
You take it
you slip away

Activate my hate

Time is going fast
Never looking back

You talk too much there's nothing you can do
Only thing I lost is my respect for you
Track Name: Boosted
The way I see it
We all tell lies
Right through our teeth
It's uncivilized

Everyone's got something to say
While they watch the truth
Walk the other way

Just gotta man up
Come to me straight
You ain't gotta lie
No need to demonstrate

Why you gotta do us like that
When all we wanted
is to have your back

Lied to my friends
Then they befriended me
Got a lot of people
Draining my energy
I got No words for
My Last goodbye
How can i speak
When my tongues dry